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This time I will talk about a very heart-warming subject: "The Appendix".

As we all know, the appendix is a small extension of the intestine. This little part of the intestine is very small and it is closed in one edge, means that it's like a really small cave made out of disgusting, fleshy material, not to mention the exalted substances that lies there.

I know that you probably want to hear more accurate description with colorful details, but I don't have the space in this little page of mine. I wish it wasn't like this.
So I'll get to the point right away. It seems that the appendix has only one purpose, I think otherwise. It's most obvious purpose is, of course, to get badly infected just so you will be able to cure it by removing it from the body in a painful surgery. It is a very important task that this tiny organ has to perform, and it does it very well.
But I believe that the appendix has other tasks.
Removing the appendix might change the whole perspective of the person, he may suddenly see things he hasn't seen before! They will, of course, deny it, but I know that they had been enlightened. I see it in their faces.
I believe that the appendix is somehow connected to some nerves that are connected to the brain and from there to a special area of the brain that will be activated only when the appendix is removed. If you don't believe me, just infect your appendix and have it removed. But when you do that, you'll probably deny it. So there is no way too find out if my theory is true or not.

Other people believe that the whole spirit of the man lies within this little cave called "the appendix", and by removing it, you kill the human spirit. Those people are gathered in secret cults, hiding from the human race and nurturing their appendixes.
Some tribes in far away countries believe that God himself lies within each person's appendix and therefore they forbid removing it. They too keep their religion secret, so we can't find out if it's true or not in the last two cases.
Those two theories contradict my theory, but I accept any belief of any person.

This is life greatest mystery. Even the scientists haven't found anything about it yet, and I think that even if they do find something they will silent it to prevent major panic among the people.

Well, that's about all for this time.
Keep your appendixes safe! (Until they get infected)

Freedom Wave.

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