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"My Friend Said"
Hebrew Section + Translations

This is the part of the site where all the funny things the students had said is written

(קחשמב ףתתשמ לע רפסמ דימלת) "ילש רבח ,טוידיא דחא דלי םתס"
"Just another idiot kid, a friend of mine" (a student talking about a competitor in a game)

"הפאכ ךל תתל התפתמ ינא ,תמאב"
"Really, I'm becoming tempted to hit you"

(היגולויב רועשב רמאנ) "תפשפש ומכ קוידב ,םודא התא ךיא הארת"
"Look how red you are, just like doormat" (said in biology lesson)

"?יל ץפוק ךסמה המל"
"Why is my screen jumping?" (Also - "why is my monitor jumping?")

"יקימופ הל םיארוק ונחנא ,הזכ םודא רעיש םע תילגנאל הרומ ונל שי"
"We have a teacher with this kind of red hair, we call her Poomiky" (Poomiky is a cartoon character that is doing troubles and got a red hair)

(ןחלוש חלמ תרדגה רחאל הימיכ רועישב רמאנ) "...?םימס .ןבלו חולמ ,קצומ"
"Solid, salty and white. Drugs?..." (Said in chemistry lesson after defining salt)

(י'צוגאמאט קחשמ לע רמאנ) "ןרק ול החמצ רבכ ילש רבחל"
"To my friend he already grew an horn" (Said about a Tamagutchi game)

"?תובתות םייניש ?שפחמ התא המ"
"What are you looking for? Dentures?"

- End of "My Friend Said - Hebrew section" -
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