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Welcome to "Funny School Stuff"!
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Hello to all of you bored pupils / students in junior / high school!
This site contains works of students and pupils that were made during lessons, funny things that were said by teachers without notice, and photos of school books full of commix drawn by bored pupils. For a better explanation, just hang around this site and check out the stuff.
This site is originally an Israeli site, so you might find allot of hebrew stuff in the 'My Teacher Said...' section, but it's all translated. If the translation is not funny, maybe you should know hebrew so you can understand the original. We will try to do our best.

Some Background
This site was made-up by an high school student, that became really tired and bored during one of the lessons, right after he noticed that the teachers are saying funny things without notice, when they are meaning to shout. The next step came up when he saw the artworks of few other students in his class, that were as much as bored as him. The last step came up when he had to open his book, which was rented from school and was full of commix drawn by previous years students.

If you are bored student / pupil, and you got some written or drawn stuff that you made during a lesson, you might send it to us via E-Mail. The address is We will check out the E-Mails once a week. The update of the site is dependent on the amount of stuff we got ready.

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