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- #5 -

Hello again, dear reader!
This time I'll talk about an annoying problem, and maybe about the solution.
I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the problem that almost everything well invested, well planned, everything you put your heart in, to be short, everything GOOD you are doing goes down the drain at the end.
How many times have it happened to you? I'm sure that lots of times.
(This is a part of Murphy's laws, see column #4)
Everything good goes down the drain.

If it is so, then the drain must be the best place on earth to be in.
I know that you are probably looking at me now with an astonished expression on your face, thinking, "what the hell is he talking about?". I know that the sewage is a dirty, filthy, infected place. Being in the sewage is not a good thing at all.
I know all of that, but who said that all of our efforts go down the drain to places you can see only by looking through the gutter?
I'm sure that if you overcome your repulsion, and go look for your effort and good will, you will find it. You might even find other people's efforts there, and then tell me, how can you be repulsed from a place with so much good will in it?

I think everybody should visit there at least once a week, just to get out of the routine.
Maybe even stay there a while, absorb some good will and return a different person.
When I think of it, maybe the right thing to do is just to dig huge sewage systems, and build whole cities there.
Maybe this is too much to ask. A more logical thing to do is to send search teams that will search the sewage systems and bring our good things back.
In other places hotels and spas can be built.
Imagine yourself taking a vacation in the drainage close to your home, staying in a hotel with the special atmosphere that only the sewage can create, swimming in the natural hot water springs, the healthy minerals in the water relaxes your nerves, and the mild natural heat of the water calms your senses. The incense spreading special aroma in the air and surrounded by all of this good will, what else can you ask?
Even the prices are surprisingly low.
I guess you have never thought about it before, haven't you?
Well, think about it, and when you find the right answer, I'll see you in the drain!

Fully optimistic,
Freedom Wave.

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