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- #4 -

After quite a long time, I'm writing my fourth column.
As you can probably see, I don't really care about the fact that I'm supposed to write a weekly column, and the good thing is that my supervisors can't do anything about that.

Well, let's start with the column's subject.
The subject of this column will be about the most true and sad thing in humanity.
It's about a 'thing' that ruined our lives,


First, a little explanation for the lucky people that has never heard about these laws.

WARNING: if you are one of those people, think twice, or even more before you continue reading. If you read those laws, they will be applied on you as well.
This is more or less, part of what those laws are all about.
If you are reading those lines, and you don't know what I'm talking about, you will understand later in this column, but I must warn you, IT'S NOW TOO LATE, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK, THE LAWS ARE ALREADY APPLIED ON YOU.

The basic Murphy law says: "If anything wrong can happen, it will".
That's why there is no turning back. Now, the worst thing that could ever happen to you is knowing about Murphy's laws, so now they apply.

The rest of Murphy's laws are different variations of the basic law.
Like, if you know about a reason why something can go wrong, and you are absolutely sure that it is going to happen, you will be totally surprised to see that it goes wrong for a completely different reason and in a completely different way than you expected.
And the laws become more and more twisted.
Now there are many examples for it like: "They never check the meters, unless YOU park", or "When you are in the bathroom, getting rid of materials you no longer want inside your body, the phone will ring (this is also true when you are in the shower) and when you quickly finish what you were doing before (I don't think I have to describe what they are again) and get to the phone, it will stop ringing". Another example: "The traffic light will switch the moment you set your foot on the road".

So now there is only one question (or maybe more than one):
Why the hell would a person invent such laws?
After all, these laws are self-developing, as I explained: the worst thing that can happen is that these laws are true! So they must be true.
Did Murphy hate humanity so badly that he decided to revenge?
What happened that made him invent such laws?
Did he ever think about the consequences?

You might think, "Why is he (me) complaining so much, instead of doing something about it?"
The answer for this is very simple: The law is irremovable by its nature. It says clearly: "If something wrong can happen, it will", so any attempt to remove this curse, will fail.
I think that not even Murphy himself can remove the curse he created.
Did he plan it to be like that, or did he just become victim of his own creation?
Any attempt to find answers to this painful subject will brutally fail, so don't even try.
If you don't try anything, nothing wrong can happen, right?
Wait a minute, maybe this is the answer!
I'm so excited! I think I found the cure!
I didn't even try to find the answer in this column, and I did find it!
I must go now and try to test this cure.
Oh, but if I try, something wrong will happen, so I guess humanity is not saved after all.
Pity it ended like that, but something had to go wrong, right?

Fully optimistic,
Freedom Wave.

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