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- #2 -

Hello again, dear reader.
This column will be devoted to communication. Ever since man learnt to speak, he tried to find a way of communicating between distant persons. Man invented a language of signs and used fire to transfer them by sight, the person on the other side saw the fire and the smoke and answered by the same method.
But it was not enough, the fire could not been seen from a very long distance.
A cult of mages created a powerful communication spell: each mage had a rune, a symbol that was unique to him. A mage who wanted to communicate with another mage just had to draw the rune of the person he wanted to talk to and the two mages could talk with each other, no matter the distance between them.

The runes were symbols made with connected straight lines. Drawing the rune was simple, the lines were drawn between 10 imaginary points: a 'square' of 3X3 dots and one more under the 8th dot. The lines were drawn with a single stroke.
When writing runes on paper (This would not activate the spell, it is only to document the rune in case the mage forgot it), if a line got to a dot it has been in before, the connection would be drawn as a large dot. If it happened again, the dot became larger, and so on.
It was important to remember the beginning point, if the rune was drawn from the end, it could contact another person.

But not everyone can be a mage, therefore few mage decided to build machines to help the regular people to communicate, they created a language of simple signs, and used electricity to send those signs to distance. It worked well, but it was very complicated to cast the spell, and the other side had to decode the sign, a very long and annoying work. So they created a machine that can transfer the voice (like in the original spell), and to activate the magic, the person had to draw a special rune created by round lines, parts of a circle, on the machine.
But the mages wanted to return to the original runes, so they invented the final machine (so far): all you have to do is draw the original rune on the machine, and the spell is cast. Understanding the rune structure is difficult, so in order to document the rune, the mages numbered each dot and the regular person could write the dot's numbers in the order they are connected.
Now even the people who are not mages can enjoy the communication spell. Those mages impersonated as scientists called Morse and Graham Bell.

I thank you for the will of suffering through another one of my columns.

Freedom Wave
(Gal Dror)

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