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Hello there dear reader.
This is the first coulmn I'm writing.
Writing a column requires a lot of attention and a long time, so it will be possible to get the right calm atmosphere that is required to write columns.
It is not a problem finding this time. After all, my supervisors are asking me to update the column on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That means I'll have to write 51.142857 columns a year, or 104.28571 columns on a bi-weekly basis. That's the same number of subjects to write about in a year, in a pressure of week or less for a column :-). What brings us to this column's subject.

Every person who is connected to the Internet finds himself in a situation where he has problems to express his feelings infront of other people. That's why the language of the little faces that are lying on thier side was invented. Each and every person choses his own style of faces, and uses them more and more as he gets experienced. Here, right here, there's a big danger most people are not aware to at all. The use of those little faces becoming more and more extensive, and the reason for that is, probably, that those little faces has their own being, like an extention of the user's soul, that is lying in his fingers.
The use of those little faces is becoming an inseparated part of the Internet's communications. You can say that it had totaly took over the Internet's communications. Those beings gathers power, intoxicating power, that brings to desiring for more power. Those beings wont be satisfied with the fingers, and will quickly take over the hand, and then the arm, and then they will take every little piece of empty space in the body of the user until his soul will break-out through the ears (or nose) and will go hunting some old castle or anything like it.
It is easy to identify those people, because the perception of the world of those beings is horizontal. The people that are being controled by those beings will always be found in a state of lying on the side (except on sleeping time, where they'll be found standing on their heads). When the entire human race will extinct, and only the little people that are lying on their sides will stay alive on Earth, those beings will probably want to return to their original state. That's why all the bodies will be than separated from the heads, and finally, the faces will be separated from the heads. Since as face only, the being cannot do anything, they will also extinct in a short time, and the Earth will be lifeless, and this is the time for a new race to come and take over the Earth like the human race did after the dinosaurs.
Fully optimistic,

Freedom Wave.
(Gal Dror)

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