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Hi. These are files I need to save online for some reasons. Plaese don't download them unless I told you it's alright, or if you really really can't live without it :-)
I set this page since Tripod decided not to let you download these files directly...

Turbo C++ 3.01
Borland Pascal
WinRar v2.5
JAR Archiver v1.02
WinJar (JAR Application Shell)
A Little Snake Game I Wrote
X-Wish Computerized Bible (Freeware)
Euronet Hebrew Fonts for Netscape

Pictures. Kind'a private, I have them online so I can show my friends abroad, but hey! take a look! :-)

Itai, Tamar and Anat
Itai and Tamar
Tamar and Itai
Itai and Gal before drafting with Tamar, Dana and Eyal
Itai in train station
Tomer, Gal and Itai in train station