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"My Teacher Said..."
Hebrew Section + Translations

This is the part of the site where all the funny things the teachers had said is written

"!רטוש אל ,הרומ תויהל יתאב"
"I came here to be a teacher, not a cop!"

"םירבדמ יתיא דחי המל הניבמ אל ינא"
"I don't understand why there are talking while I talking" (Also - "I don't understand why people are speaking with me")

"!םירבדה תא ןיידע זוראל וליחתת לא"
"Don't start packing your things yet!"

"!םכליבשב אל ,יליבשב אוה לוצלצה"
"The bell ring is for me, not for you!"

"יתיא רבדל אל תשקבמ ינא"
"I am asking not to speak while I'm speaking" (Also - "I am asking not to speak with me")

(םידומילל ינשה םויב רמאנ) "הלאכ םכתא הריכמ אל ינא"
"I don't know you like this" (was said on the second school day, when the class was noisy)

"!רבדמ ךלש רבח !עגר"
"One Moment! Your friend here is speaking!" (said about unknown classmate)

"יל אלו םכל אל ,םיענ אל הז"
"It is not pleasant, not for you and not for me"

"!?והשמ ךתוא קיחצמ"
"Do you think something is funny?!"

(לשכנ .התיכה תא קיתשהל הרטמב רמאנ) "!?הפ תויעב והשימל שי"
"Is someone have troubles around here?!" (said in order to make the pupils shut-up. Failed)

"...הללאי ,ובישקת"
"For god sake, Listen..."

"בושחל הכירצ אל תא"
"You don't need to think"

"Did we understand?"

(95 תונולח לע חוכיו ךלהמב םיבשחמל הרומ) "...ספוא ...םיקאפה דחא"
"One of the fucks is... oops...." (A computers teacher during an argument about Windows 95)

"!םחל ילב הז תא םילכוא םתא"
"You can eat it without bread!"

"(עבוכה תא ךינפב הדירומ ינא) ברגה תא ךינפב הדירומ ינא"
"I'm taking off my sock with shame (should have been - I'm taking off my hat with shame)"

- End of "My Teacher Said - Hebrew section" -
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